Consultancy and training in electromagnetic compatibility
EMC for Product Designers
Fifth Edition (published September 2016)
By Tim Williams

There have been several translations of earlier editions, but most now seem to be unavailable. The English version is definitive.

Widely regarded as the standard text on EMC, Tim Williams' book provides all the information necessary to meet EMC legislation. Most importantly, it shows how to incorporate EMC design principles into products, avoiding cost and performance penalties, meeting the needs of specific standards and resulting in a better overall product.

This fifth edition includes the latest developments which are essential for anyone complying with the regulations. As well as covering the 2016 versions of the EU EMC and Radio Directives, it has been thoroughly updated in line with best practice in EMC compliance and product design. Coverage now includes extra detail on the main automotive, military and aerospace standards requirements, as well as a discussion of the issues raised by switchmode power converters.

New to this edition:
A chapter on EMC and Functional Safety
A chapter on international compliance requirements
Design and installation aspects of switchmode power converters, including DC-DC converters and variable speed motor drives
New detail on CISPR 32
Update to new versions of DEF STAN 59-411, DO-160 and MIL STD 461 with more commentary on implications and requirements of military and aerospace standards, with an added reference to CE Marking for military and problems of COTS
New sections on IC emissions measurements per IEC 61967, and immunity tests per IEC 62132
New coverage of FFT/time domain receivers
Expanded section on military/aerospace RF and transient immunity
The latest practice in PCB layout with more discussion of slots in ground planes
Current practice on decoupling
The latest 2016 regulations of the Radio Equipment Directive and the EMC Directive

The book is structured into 3 main parts. The first deals with legislation, including the EU Directives, other international requirements and standards, particular sectoral (military, automotive, aerospace) issues and functional safety. The second area is devoted to the test methods for RF emissions and immunity, transient immunity, low frequency phenomena and test planning.

The final part of the book looks at design principles for electronic products, including a review of interference coupling mechanisms, and chapters on equipment and PCB layout, circuit design, and the EMC-specific techniques of interface control, filtering and shielding. A chapter deals with EMC Management: discussion of management requirements, company policy, QA needs, and the role of the EMC co-ordinator, including control plans. A chapter on systems EMC is included, while short case studies demonstrate how EMC product design is put into practice.

The Author

Tim Williams worked for a variety of companies as an electronic design engineer before starting Elmac Services, specialising in EMC design reviews, testing and training. He has monitored the progress of the EMC Directive and its associated standards since it was first made public, over the last 25 years. He is also the original author of The Circuit Designer's Companion, and with Keith Armstrong, EMC for Systems and Installations, both published by Elsevier.
CONTENTS: Introduction to EMC; The EMC and Radio Directives; International EMC Compliance Requirements; Commercial Standards; Other Standards and Legislation; EMC and Functional Safety; RF Emissions measurements; Immunity tests; Low Frequency tests; Test Planning; Interference coupling mechanisms; Layout and grounding; Digital and analogue circuit design; Interfaces and filtering; Shielding; Systems EMC; EMC Management; Appendices for Design checklist, CAD for EMC, Case studies, Useful tables and formulae, The EU and EEA countries. There is also a Glossary, Bibliography and Index.

READERSHIP: Electronics engineers, EMC test engineers and circuit designers; design and project managers; secondary students and academics in electronics.
Reviews of earlier editions
"The title could equally well have been 'EMC Handbook' since the book contains a wealth of reference material on the directive, the standards, measurements and the methods which can, and should, be used to achieve compliance" (IEE Review)

"The writing is exceptionally clear. Even those who remain uncertain about CE marking of products should feel confident discussing it after reading this book... this book is worth the cover price for the first section alone, which is far easier to understand than much of the advice published by the Department of Trade and Industry..." (Electrical Review)

"This book is not a prof's wet dream; it's for working engineers" (Comment on Usenet:sci.engr.electrical. compliance)

"Took me from an ‘Art of Electronics’ level to being able to design confidently for EMC to FCC/CE etc. Should be on every engineer’s reading list." (Comment on, 2016)

And just to show that the book can also be used for other purposes...

"Just to look intelligent in case a Trading Standards Officer ever came calling, I've a copy of "EMC for Product Designers - Meeting the European Directive" ISBN 0750649305 sitting on my shelf. It's only for show... I've never bothered to look inside." (Comment on the PICBasic forum, 2006)
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