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What is EMC?  
EMC design, test and management services

EMC R & D projects

We are also able to take on a variety of other projects with an EMC theme, either alone or in partnership with other relevant organisations. Some examples include:

    research projects on EMC measurement techniques (see for example a couple of our project deliverables);

    self-study courses and tutorials on EMC, typically web based;

    reviews and critiques of standardization documents that have an EMC dimension.

If you have a project that is EMC related, we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Electromagnetic interference investigations

We have a great deal of experience in sleuthing down real life EMC problems. If your access system refuses to give access first thing every morning, or all your office monitors turn bright yellow whenever the air conditioning switches on, give us a call. It can save months of puzzling.
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