EMC training - standard courses and modules

Standard courses

We offer a range of standard in-house courses - the brochures contain full cost and content details:
Standard course brochures for download Duration
  Overview of EMC 1 day
  EMC principles for PCB layout designers 1 day
  Product Design for EMC 3 days
  EMC testing for IEC/CISPR standards 3 days
  Design and testing for EMC 5 days
EMC principles for PCB layout designers
        Introduction to EMC requirements
        Electromechanical Design of PCBs
        Electronic Design of PCBs
        How to deal with a PCB Design Review
EMC fundamentals
        - frequency domain, fields, transmission lines
Coupling mechanisms
        - grounding and the current return path
PCB design
        - general: how and where to implement ground planes
        - layer stack, routing and positioning
        - mechanical aspects: grounding, heatsinks, on-board shields
Circuit design
        - digital: decoupling, clock control, immunity
        - analogue: RF immunity
Power switching circuits
        - emissions sources and coupling modes
ESD immunity
Filtering and suppression
        - component configuration, parasitics
        - I/O filters
        - selection and use of mains filters
        - transient and motor suppression
Cables and connectors
        - choice, use and termination of screened cables
        - the consequences of the pigtail
        - twisted pair, ribbon and flexi
Enclosure design and shielding
        - the theory of shielding
        - the effect of resonances and apertures
        - conductive gaskets: where and why you need them
        - conductive coatings and windows
Design aspects
1 day typical
2-3 days typical, practical can be included
EMC testing and compliance
Review of EU and other legislation
Review of test standards
        - commercial, military, aerospace
Creating a test plan
RF emissions
        - instrumentation and transducers
        - conducted RF
        - the CISPR OATS
        - screened rooms
        - test methods and procedure: commercial and military

RF immunity
        - instrumentation and transducers
        - conducted tests
        - screened room and TEM cell facilities
        - test methods and procedure
ESD, transient, surge and LF immunity
        - facilities and generators
        - test methods and procedure
Diagnostic tests and EMC fixes
        - emissions
        - immunity
2-3 days typical, practical can be included

Bespoke courses and modules

These can be made up from any combination of contents of the following modules - but if you want something more particular, just ask:
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